"backed by our combined EXPERIENCE, OUR patient testimonies, plus the positive outcomes we see, we know this is one way for people to experience life a bit more easily."

What's the why they ask
"I chose to help people early on in life and EMLLC helps me to help others, by bringing people services and products that fit their lifestyle. Thru active listening. I can hear what people need or would benefit from by getting to know a person, and it's not hard to discover how they can benefit from EMLlc services and products."

EMLLC backstory: In a nutshell, since day 1 of EMLLC the CEO has existed to bring natural relief to people looking to feel better and experience positive health outcomes, especially underserved populations. In addition, this effort was also seen as a way to improve the negative outcomes of the opioid crisis due to her long-standing experience in healthcare as a witness to the pre and still existing opioid crisis.
Fast forward to 2023, EMLLC has collaborated with others who believe in natural relief services and positively impacting our RI community to move forward as a collaborative effort vs sole venture.

The why details: Day 1 a long time ago in 2014. During a routine pain assessment as a traditional community healthcare provider, EMLLC CEO/Owner was inspired by a patient's testimony (sadly no longer with us) who educated her about medical cannabis during that assessment and it was the first time she had heard about medical cannabis benefits "not the same as the wacky tobacky street stuff," the patient explained as well as the barriers. Years later, still convinced that medical cannabis provides better relief than opioids as well as better quality of life per that patient's testimony, EMLLC established to increase patient access to the RI Medical Marijuana Program, especially the underserved populations she has many years' experiences caring for. Everyday Medicinals, LLC soon gained a wonderful reputation for providing professional and compassionate care. Since the CEO is the backbone with a diverse 10+ years' healthcare experiences and not to mention surviving a pandemic, it's no surprise, it has earned its place among the community! This year new for 2023, several new natural relief services and initiatives are added as well as her commitment to collaborative efforts in order to achieve ongoing positive outcomes with a much-needed focus on self-care as well as increased natural relief options for the community.

Credentials 2023:
Since the pandemic hit and the awareness for integrated care has grown more intensely over the years, in which EMLLC CEO decided to grow the office with a multifaceted lifestyle support and education focus for 2023 to further contribute to positive outcomes in the community. This also includes a focus on self-care which is at the heart of all the services offered. As a successful lead clinician for a 3-year Diabetes pilot program that remained successful during the pandemic and ended 2023 as expected, she was able to exhibit the capability of producing successful strategies that resulted in positive health outcomes for 3 years start to finish. Contributing to her successes is personal experience along the way as well as her ongoing professional education.
During the pilot program, thru direct community outreach and research led by herself along with peers, successful resources for those with Diabetes were created by the two and later on, she was able to see those resources become digitalized thru an app for Android and Apple phones built by RI Brown University students. During the app build out, she collaborated with Brown students and Brown Faculty regularly as well as learned how to use the app building platform to update it for its purposed use as needed. What started out as a nice to have app idea came to fruition per much credit due to the facilitation and collaboration of the RIDOH pilot program Lead/Brown University Faculty who's not shy of innovative collaborative efforts or enthusiasm (an honor to learn from during those years). 
Lastly, the pilot program continued to meet objectives with her clinical lead: improved A1C, improved lipids, and high rate of positive patient engagement with follow thru was seen. July 2023 per ongoing review of the program, RI Department of Health applauded everyone's efforts of "kept pushing" during the pandemic as well as providing positive encouragement of the "feedback" that was given to RIDOH during the years of the program in which were contributing factors of the successes within the program, and now the many efforts contributed will be included in a manuscript to be produced by the RI Department of Health as well as published by their linkages as appropriate. Her close peers in the community applaud her ability to work with high-risk patients and help them experience positive health outcomes, per an impeccable drive to help people and see them succeed, in which her patients also appreciate themselves! Her successes as well as other opportunities, led to the EMLLC expansion of a variety of natural relief services. In addition to the various natural relief options available, she is especially hopeful that her office will be viewed as a community resource go to that specializes in lifestyle support and education.

End of 2022 an abundant new opportunity to provide 5NP/NADA Auricular Acupuncture landed in our CEO'S lap thru a provider email that offered her the opportunity to grow professionally and offer another natural relief option. The opportunity presented itself just after she had her own positive experience receiving acupuncture services for the first time due to a during a stressful time and it was not a hard sell to accept the opportunity to provide others with an opportunity to experience positive outcomes.

She also hopes to share her 5NP services with the community for those that can benefit from 5NP such as: fire, police, ACI, homecare agencies, or other places interested in wellness services to promote relaxation among high stress job places (see wellness page if your organization is interested in hosting a 5NP session while available).