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Frequently Asked Questions   

When can I visit?

Open by appointment only.
(Phone appointments offered)
Please call us @ 401.340.9388 to book an appointment or fill out our contact form.

Walk-in appointments available and date/time posted on: 
 Instagram or Facebook  

Who do we help?

~Rhode Island residents who are looking to apply for a medical marijuana card for the FIRST time.
~Rhode Island Renewal Patients
~Out of state card holders that would like to switch to a RI card. 

What do I need for my appointment?

Some documents required such as: medical records, forms of ID, and payment.  Please call for info.

My card expired?

 We can help you renew it!
Please book an appointment asap and call with any questions.

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"The green team!"

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We are fully owned and operated by healthcare professionals of Rhode Island!


Our CEO makes sure that the process is a transparent and positive experience for you. She loves when her clients share their experience with others who are also looking for RI medical marijuana card services and from the beginning of the process until your next renewal our CEO get's the job done. She is well known among her clients as well as peers for: having lots of compassion, much knowledge about the healthcare community (medical and behavioral), and goes the extra mile for clients! She leaves little room for dissatisfaction by continually assessing the workflow and quality of services being provided to ensure positive outcomes. She enjoys meeting with the clients and serving multiple  generations of the same family for their medical marijuana card needs. She is willing to advocate for: the EM team, RI community, and clients for the best possible outcomes in the medical cannabis industry.


Meet Dr. Vega!
She is a compassion filled Physician whom will help you apply for a medical marijuana patient card or renew an existing/expired card thru our office. She has many years experience as a Rhode Island medical marijuana certifying Practitioner and serves as the Medical Director to ensure quality. Plus she brings with her a wealth of knowledge she learned at "weed school" and was featured in the magazine Rhode Island Monthly (June 2020 edition). In addition to attending weed school, she has extensively educated and familiarized herself about CBD making her a CBD specialist!
One of her great accomplishments is when she conducted CBD research with enough significant data to defend the use and outcomes of CBD in front of the FDA (2019). She will continue to research CBD use and outcomes with our clients who are willing to have research information published in the near future.


We accept referrals from health care providers, mental health providers, facilities, and others. Please make a referral via contact us form (can be found on the contact us page).

What our Clients say about us!

"You helped me get what I needed
and I tell everyone about you guys, thank you!"  


"I wasn't going to do it at first (apply for a card ) and after talking with you, you educated me and now I have my quality of life back!" 


I was sleeping just a few hours a night and since I tried the wellness products I am sleeping at least 8 hours a night!