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Welcome to the new! 
-WE believe in providing personalized lifestyle support and education services in depth, that combines our Western medicine experience with today's available natural relief methods to enrich a person's health experiences as well as promote preventative care.
Our CEO, knows that extra 1:1 support works to achieve positive outcomes and providing individuals with various resources is much needed in today's world of epidemics (obesity, diabetes, leaky gut, opioid crisis). It's what people are asking for and we are here to offer, to individuals as well as other providers.
"We are extra here!"

-WE believe in supporting our community and peers as well as giving back, to see positive outcomes in our community as a whole.

-WE believe in offering our services as an integrated part of our community and as independent consultants, plus being a valuable linkage for others in the community to ensure positive outcomes across the state of RI. 


Lance, DO
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Available Services:
- Osteopathic Medicine
- Blood Pressure Screenings
- Lifestyle Support and Education 

Lucille, MD
Doctor of Medicine

Available Services:
- RI Medical Cannabis Card Services
New and Renewal patients 
- 1:1 CBD Consults and Education
- Personal Research Studies (CBD)

Amanda, CHHC
Certified Holistic Health coach

 Available Services:
- Wellness/Nutrition/Health Education
- 1:1 Meditation Education, Group
- Lifestyle Support and Education

Nurse-Certified Auricular Acu-Tech (5NP) and
Certified Diabetes Outpatient Educator

Available Services:
- NADA/5NP Acupuncture Treatment
- 1:1 Diabetes Education, A1C Focus, Group
- Lifestyle Support and Education 

A team you can place your confidence in! refer us or hire us for yourself per our many years of experience and excellence in the community!

Our CEO exhibits compassion care along with genuine interest when you visit EMLLC PLUS has a unique and long-standing track record of producing successful positive outcomes in the community. She is applauded by those that have seen her achieve successful outcomes or heard of her successful outcomes over the years and is trusted by many familiar with her efforts of providing a second-to-none skillset, that meets patients or people where they are at to move them forward towards positive health outcomes. These outcomes, serve as evidence of her work done in the community and for many. Her track record known to many in the community includes local and state organizations, universities, and Rhode Island Department of Health. You can be confident about your referral and/or the services you receive at Everyday Medicinals, LLC due the successful outcomes she has achieved and in addition to a talented team she works with to meet a variety of needs in the community complimentary, such as nutrition education that compliments her diabetes education or Osteopathic medicine that compliments the gut health issues those folks may also suffer from.
You will see results with any one of us delightful individuals or we will gladly refer you elsewhere.

Why US?
We are just crazy about helping people!

Our mission is to be an integrated part of the community by providing people with natural relief options and education to see positive outcomes in our community. "Natural relief to us, simply means providing you an opportunity for you to feel better by offering you relief that you don't have to obtain from a commercial resource such as CVS. Often, folks that come to us don't want to pop another pill to feel better or are resistant to traditional options, due to religious reasons etc. They often have tried many relief methods that have not worked well or found no relief at all, in which they are seeking another option. An example of natural relief would be Auricular Acupuncture (5NP) for smoking cessation vs Chantix. Although the stainless-steel needles are not a natural product or resource from the earth, it is a means of obtaining relief without a prescription or having to purchase thru a commercial source. In fact, you can't purchase acupuncture needles without credentials and must be someone certified to provide the treatment. We also believe that some conditions do require a "pill" and/or items obtained thru commercial/local resources in addition to our services and combined can also produce positive outcomes. We truly enjoy, helping people feel good and achieving positive health outcomes that fit their lifestyle.

We look forward to you coming to us with all your gripes and concerns. We will actively listen to you to provide you with a personalized experience that hopefully yields positive health outcomes and a positive experience with our office. We are praised for compassionate care and making people feel cared about, especially our CEO who has a solid and well-known reputation for providing positive collaborative care in the community. Just ask her medical and behavioral health peers or patients, who state they can go to her and count on her to "get it done" whether it's booking a specialist appointment or completing an administrative ask in which she is glad to assist for the greatest good of all. We value preventative care and incorporate it into our services as much as possible, while offering you natural relief options with tons of support to assist you with achieving positive health outcomes. E.g., Can't sleep at night? You'll receive best sleep hygiene practices education and resources that will produce a positive outcome of improved sleep as well as better glycemic control that yields pre-diabetes A1C range or improved A1C, as a byproduct of our natural relief services.

Not tossing out the window our 15+ years of traditional healthcare backgrounds, we have combined our Western medicine experience with a holistic care viewpoint because we know that offering and personalizing services for the whole person is just as important as achieving positive outcomes of interest, such as maintaining a baseline A1C within the pre-diabetes range. We encourage each person to set their own goals and participate in follow up care to ensure positive outcomes achieved. 

For those who already have an established care team(s), our
 office* looks forward to being an additional support and resource for patients and providers to enrich health experience(s) while working on current health goals. If a patient doesn't already have established care and is solely working with us, we may encourage you to establish care with a PCP and/or other provider as appropriate. If you are a provider, please let us know if you would like to accept new patient referrals. Please use our contact page which is best for letting us know you're accepting new patients and we will be glad to send you a referral asap.

Currently we offer
 1:1 services, we will hold group** sessions for increased support and education as available.
Our CEO loves giving back and is willing to provide group opportunities for other organizations such as CGM education as a RI CDOE, in which she may work with CDOE affiliates to do so.

Thank you for your referrals and we are glad to send you referrals as a health linkage, please use our contact us page!

*Licensed by RI Department of Health
**Group Education:
Coping with Chronic Conditions

About OUR Services 

What services do you offer?

Alacarte or per packages, by provider availability/area of specialty as noted.

where are your services available?

In-person at Warwick office and/or remote all over RI for select at home services. 

who are we? Better yet, who knows us!

We are seasoned and "naturally supportive" RI professionals that came together for a collaborative effort because we share the same mindset of achieving positive outcomes in our community.  We are well-known among our peers and enthusiastic about offering natural relief services as well as focusing on preventative outcomes; each individual is motivated to serve you with diverse area(s) of experience and diverse skillsets. Our primary focus is on lifestyle support and education.
Individually or professionally, we have been observed and established in the mainstream RI community as trustworthy professionals known to achieve positive outcomes via the work we do. Since we are all very well-respected in the community, you can rest assure that you are in good hands as you refer others to us or come to us yourself. Feel free to ask for our professional references. 

Our many years of experience comes from working in and/or with local community establishments in RI including hospitals, universities, outpatient medical and behavioral health offices, local and state agencies, RI Department of Health, education and training facilities, other organizations, and other RI businesses.

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400 Warwick Ave , Warwick, Rhode Island, 02888