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Welcome to the healing collaborative page where you will find community resources available to you thru our combined network of  healers and health professionals. 


Our goal is to collaboratively bring you a variety of resources to meet your holistic needs by promoting community, availability, and affordability for where you are at NOW on your wellness journey.
Whether you are just starting out or have been around the moon a few times, we hope to provide you with a wellness community that you find complimentary to the one you already have or are searching for. 

"Sugar" level out of control or starting to warn you that you need to get it under control?

BUSY or on the go and Need: Nutrition, energy, or can't get to the gym?

healthy lifestyle education and referrals to help kickstart or reset your wellness journey.
See referral links at bottom of 
page for.:
-Life Coaches
-Personal Trainers
-Local specialty/Fitness Training Gym

Diabetes Education

Certified Diabetes Outpatient Education
Diabetes education is for people with a Prediabetes or Diabetes diagnosis, aka people with "sugar" issues. We have available an experienced and local Rhode Island Certified Diabetic Outpatient Educator who loves to help people decrease their A1C thru education. This experienced Diabetes educator has helped many to decreased A1C especially during the pandemic and can be contacted here to discuss your current management along with your goals!

This educator is known among and participates with the state of RI DOH staff involved with one of many Diabetes pilot programs currently conducted in RI and among other RI community agencies dedicated to Diabetes education.  -Please note that this Diabetes education does not replace your regular doctor's care (Primary Care Doctor) or Diabetes doctor (Endocrinologist) care, and their orders. We may work with those offices to provide you the best education and make recommendations as appropriate. 

-Life Coach's
-Personal trainer's
-Fitness Training Gym

We have networked with others that can help you achieve many goals, see below for referrals.


Personal Trainer & Free Coach Services


Local Fitness & Training Gym (in same plaza as us)

30 day wellness kit includes:
Nutrition, energy items, gut health items, toxin cleanse items, and at home activity resources.

Any big or small lifestyle changes (e.g. healthy eating, activity, self-care) can be a challenge to set in motion or follow thru with when you are looking to change your lifestyle and habits, to become the best version of you. That's why we challenge you to kick start or reset your wellness journey with this wellness journey kit and our encouragement to ensure you begin as well as follow thru. 
Each kit comes with a 30 Days to Healthy Living Set which includes a 30 day supply of:
-Minerals, vitamins, and low glycemic index protein product (Vegan, Gluten-Free).*
-Energy supplement with natural green tea caffeine to sustain energy level without a high jacking buzz, crash, or risk for heart attack. 

-Daily CleanseTox tea to support cleanse of kidneys and liver. 
-Gut Health Probiotics to maintain healthy bacteria in your stomach
-Fiber or Greens powder for added gut health benefits or increased energy with nutrition product. 

-7 day gentle body cleanse for toxin removal at the end.
*The kit 
is not intended for weight loss however weight changes may occur when coupled with physical activity.
All items are shipped directly to you. 

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referral form here to order.
Please consult your medical provider before use of items.