to enhance your
healthy lifestyle


30 days to
healthy living set:

clean eating-nutrition 
with cleanse and detox 

(self-directed or group program)
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2 Sets to choose from to kickstart or reset your healthy lifestyle!
-Plant Based 

Set 1
Traditional 30 Days to Healthy Living Includes

- Protein powder with 25 minerals/vitamins plus a
low glycemic index and tastes good.
- Energy Fizz supplement with natural green tea caffeine to sustain energy level without a high jacking buzz or debilitating crash.
- Daily Cleanse Toxin Removal Tea to support cleansing of kidneys and liver, you may clean up those organs so well you end up occasionally urinating clear, which is no reason to fear!
- Gut Health Probiotics to maintain healthy bacteria in your body and keep your gut bacteria happy.
- Fiber or Greens Supplement for added gut health benefits or increased energy. 
- Gentle Cleanse Powder used for 7 days to gently remove toxins at the end or start of 30 Days, per your preference.

Set 2
Essential Meal 30 Days to Healthy Living Includes

Same as Traditional- except protein powder is a meal replacement product with amino acids and more.  
All items shipped directly to you! 

Any big or small lifestyle change such as healthy eating can be a challenge, congratulations on taking the first step to register and purchase your items! 

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Each person registers and orders a set, to complete 30 Days together!
Great for team building.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It may be best to consult your medical provider before use of items. 

community network

Ensures you have availability to wellness and healthy lifestyle products plus other resources, to enhance your well-being. We have provided a list below of others that support healthy lifestyles and also enjoy seeing people achieve positive outcomes.
Like us, they encourage people to be successful, achieve their optimal level of health and wellness, as well as experience happiness in the community.


FREE Self-Directed Coaching Services

Specialty Fitness & Training Gym (in our plaza)

Personal Fitness Trainer (Local Coach) 

Training/Gym (Weight Loss Group-HIIT Classes)

Can your organization benefit from a 5NP wellness event?

5NP Auricular Acupuncture can be used to promote relaxation and wellness among a group yet provide an individual experience. Great morale boosting activity for any organization.

Please contact us to book your 5NP wellness event.