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This wellness and healing collaborative page
is where you can find other community resources
available to you thru our network of
healers or other 

community network 

Our goal is to collaboratively offer you a variety of resources to meet your holistic needs, which means serving you as a whole person not just medically and to see or hear about you thriving in the community.
We promote community efforts among other likeminded folks and per availability, to provide additional support for where you are at NOW on your journey.
Whether you are just starting out or have been around the sun a few times, we are glad to provide you with this wellness community network that you may find complimentary to what you currently have or are searching for. 

is your "Sugar" aka glucose or fasting blood sugar levels out of control and starting to warn you, that you need to get it under control?

Are you BUSY or on the go and
Need Nutrition, energy, or can't get to the gym? 

Lifestyle product resources with or without home activity are available and can be enjoyed with or without our mainstream services, to help kickstart or reset your wellness journey. referrals are available to add to your toolbox of lifestyle Support and Resources as you work with us.
Please note that purchasing lifestyle products with or without home activity resources and/or referrals, are NOT required to receive our services. Lifestyle products and resources are available to enhance your experience on an as available basis. Availability may be subject to change. Additionally, these added products and/or referrals may or may not affect your potential to achieve positive outcomes while working with us. Whether you incorporate or don't incorporate these lifestyle products and/or referrals, you will still get our full focus and effort with each service or experience you receive from us. Supplements do not replace your diet, nutrition, and activity needs. Additionally, these lifestyle products and/or referral(s) are not meant to replace the medical care you may already be receiving and/or lifestyle support and education you may or may not need, to achieve the positive outcome(s) you are looking for in which you may choose to discuss these lifestyle products with a professional known to you as well as knows your health status. Please also note that other resources and/or referrals may not include the same focus as the services we offer, and we may not affiliate with all in the community despite a referral.


- free self-directed coaching
- specialty resources/gyms
- 1:1 fitness trainer/coach

30 days to healthy living set and our cleanish lifestyle challenge resource*

Nutrition, energy items, gut health items, toxin cleanse items, and home activity resources per preference.

 OVERVIEW (Challenge: 30 Days to Healthy Living Set)
Any big or small lifestyle change (e.g. healthy eating, self-care activity) can be a challenge to set in motion when you are ready to change your lifestyle and/or habits alone or follow thru with, even with a group.
Groups can foster accountability however it is your own motivation that will get you to the finish line and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and/or habits for years to come.
That's why we challenge you to kickstart or reset yourself using our promoted 
30 days to healthy living set, to ensure you begin and follow thru with your desires on a short-term basis to set you up for long term success. Click here for us to assist you with the startup process for the 30 days to healthy living set.
Or order here and complete yourself. 

Each 30 Days to Healthy Living Set
-Nutrition powder with minerals, vitamins, with a low glycemic index, pea protein that actually does not taste terrible and is offered in multiple flavors.
-Energy supplement with natural green tea caffeine to sustain energy level without a high jacking buzz or crash. 

-Daily Cleanse Toxin removal tea to support cleansing of kidneys and liver naturally, you may clean up those organs so well you end up occasionally peeing clear, which is no reason to fear!
-Gut Health Probiotics to maintain healthy bacteria in your body.
-Fiber or Greens powder for added gut health benefits or increased energy, especially when it's added to the nutrition product.
-Gentle cleanse powder used for 7 days for additional toxin removal at the end or start of the program, per your preference.

All items shipped directly to you!*
Please click here to order.

The set 
is not intended for weight loss however weight changes may occur and potentially when coupled with physical activity. These items do not cure or treat any conditions. 
It may be best to consult your medical provider before use of items. 

community network:
Ensures you have availability to wellness/lifestyle products and other resources, to enhance yourself. We have provided a list below of a few others that we know to have the same mindset and enjoy seeing people well per the goals they set as well as achieve.
Like us; they also encourage people to be successful, achieve their optimal level of health, and experience happiness in the community.


FREE Self-Directed Coach Services

Specialty Fitness & Training Gym (in our plaza)

1:1 Fitness Trainer (local coach and gym owner) 

Arbonne Area Manager

Oriental Medicine Provider

Can your organization benefit from volunteer* Auricular Acupuncture-5NP?

Auricular Acupuncture-5NP can be used to promote relaxation and/or boost morale among a group yet provide an individual experience of relief.

*Please use contact page to discuss booking and setup, while available.