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We believe in the importance of: education, assessing a person's ability to achieve realistic positive outcomes. and products made by companies that make quality their top priority,
because we know a healthy lifestyle involves more than eating healthy and includes the following 
quality sleep
- coping with stress
- moving your body
- eating well with purpose
- proper energy or hydration

- prioritizing self-care

we also believe people can achieve better outcomes when working with a professional
one-on-one, to set and achieve their holistic health goals.

At Everyday Medicinals, LLC we offer education and resources for sleep, nutrition, wellness, exercise, or other healthy lifestyle essentials for producing positive health and wellness outcomes that a person can benefit from.

We embody kindness and encourage our patients to self-educate as well as self-advocate on their journey, as we provide empathetic care to help them achieve their holistic health goals we value and respect at Everyday Medicinals, LLC

"A gentle yet confident leader embodies impactful outcomes and inspires others to lead, a harsh leader is no more than a dictator that dulls a person's potential. Choose to be a leader of character who you would appreciate being led by and then go ahead to inspire others to lead." - EMLLC CEO

we focus on natural relief
what are you looking for?

- Pain management for Back Pain, Migraines, Chronic Pain from other chronic conditions

- Diabetes management with a1c focus including Prediabetes

- mental health treatment or wellness resources for Anxiety and Depression, ptsd, Trauma, insomnia

- health and wellness management with clean nutrition, gut health, performance-DNA nutrition analysis, 
Weight Reduction or Maintenance,
healthy lifestyle coaching, self-care products and services, meditation, adhd resources, energy healing, spiritual art resources

- recovery and addiction treatment or resources for quitting Smoking, reducing any Substance Withdrawal symptoms and maintaining recovery

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who we are

Dr. Troung, DO

 I am originally from California plus I speak Spanish and have basic conversational skills in Vietnamese. I enjoy nature, I love to hike and bike around Rhode Island in the summertime. I used to wrestle and played trumpet/baritone for marching band and jazz band during high school! I hold a blue belt in Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu. I used to sing in an A Cappella group during medical school. I enjoy tinkering with electronics and cooking authentic foods of various cultures/cuisine.

Dr. Vega, MD

I love to learn! By learning more about CBD I was able to present my research and outcomes to the FDA per a study I conducted. This was one of my most interesting studies completed and memorable moments in which I was glad to have been given the opportunity to present to the FDA.
I love to learn as much as possible when I am not enjoying life and my two dogs!

Amanda, CHC

I enjoy utilizing nutrition education and/or education about various herbal or homeopathic resources in my personal life that support and/or enhance the body's natural ability to thrive, in which I try to lead by example when educating my clients. In fact, historically speaking, medicines were once administered in the form of "herbal concoctions" in which Philosopher Aristotle was also known for writing about diversity of plants. Many of the medicines developed in the last century were derived from naturally occurring molecules found in earth resources such as plants, bacteria, and fungi! If a natural approach is what you desire, I wholeheartedly believe you have come to the right place! Anyone of our wonderful professionals can assist you individually or as a whole. and your overall well-being being is at the forefront of your experience at
Everyday Medicinals, LLC.

Dr. Cardenas, MD

I am an avid surfer and always eager to catch the next best swell! I enjoy Google earth more than I should however it is a healthy hobby and I encourage everyone to check it out at least once in their lifetime, you may even get hooked like me! I enjoy meeting new people that are like-minded as well as motivated to be able to serve the greater good of all humanity as a whole. I have enjoyed living in various places of the U.S. and continue to enjoy the local areas around me. 

Shavon, shaman

I enjoy meeting new people and starting new adventures both personally or professionally. 
I have learned a lot about people and where they are at because of where they have been, as well as where they would like to go, in which I enjoy seeing people happy!
I am a great team player and can't wait to see what opportunities lie ahead of me with all the changes that occur continuously in this world!  


I enjoy helping people and seeing them improve their quality of life. "Let's go!" is one of my favorite sayings and I used it before it became mainstream. During my off time I enjoy hiking, the beach, enjoying quality food as an activity with loved ones, and indulging in self-care activities. Big on old school values such as love your neighbor as yourself especially if they can benefit from my help and respecting my elders, as well as embracing some modern convivences such as Instagram.

MEDICAL and Other Providers 

We are accepting new patients!
We can help with
Pain Management,
A1C Management,
Substance Use and Recovery,
 Nutrition and Weight Management,
plus, more.

ollaboration is our area of expertise
and much appreciated when referrals
are passed back n forth!
If you would like to explore collaborative opportunities, please call or
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